Welcome to Aeroclix, you aeronautical news gathering site.

Who’s Aeroclix ?

Basically Aeroclix is my personal blog that just grew to what it is today. It is basically just me (Eric), a WordPress blog with some bunch of plugins doing all the work for us.

Why Aeroclix ?

It all started a few years back when I started to look for aeronautical news. After a few weeks bookmarking aeronautical sites, I ended up like huhhh way to long to read all this each day. Hop from site to site … there must be an easier way. Right, changed to bookmarking the rss feeds and use an rss reader … that was already a lot easier.
I talked about it with some friends and we started to swap links … and then finally I imagined a website gathering aeronautical news and compiling this hour after hour. This is how Aeroclix was invented.
Or how a personal solution grew to a solution for several hundred readers.

You have a feed you’d like to see added ?

Why not. For sure I didn’t explore all and most probably will never be able to. If you have a RSS feed that is interesting and would like to see it added to Aeroclix, please send me the RSS url and if it is indeed interesting I’ll be glad to add it. Send it to me via email at : eric(you know what to put here)aeroclix.com



I’m living somewhere in the south of France and I’ve been for over 10 years a buyer in a small MRO station. Since the beginning of 2013 I moved within the company to cost calculating department (basically telling commercials what’s the lower selling limit 😉 )

enjoy the reading 🙂

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